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The Social Complexity of Organizational Learning: The Dynamics of Learning and Organizing

This article examines the social complexity of Organizational Learning. We built on and seek to extend recent conceptualizations of Organizational Learning that emphasize the emergent and fluid nature of learning in organizations, by drawing on some of the principles of … Continue reading

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Recognizing Group Cognition

In this paper, we approach the idea of group cognition from the perspective of the ‘‘extended mind’’ thesis, as a special case of the more general claim that systems larger than the individual human, but containing that human, are capable … Continue reading

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Paragogy – Synergizing individual and organizational learning

This paper describes a new theory of peer-to-peer learning and teaching that we call “paragogy“. Paragogy’s principles were developed by adapting the Knowles‘s principles of andragogy to peer-based learning contexts. Paragogy addresses the challenge of peer-producing a useful and supportive … Continue reading

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Integrating Complexity Theory, Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning

Read Chronicles the unfolding convergence of thinking and practice behind knowledge management, organizational learning and complexity theory. Of particular interest are the roles that knowledge management and complexity theory play in this impending consilience of ideas. On the one hand, … Continue reading

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Material knowing – the scaffolding of human knowledgeability

In this paper, I want to argue for the importance of considering materiality in our studies of knowledge in organizations. In particular, I want to make the case that our understanding of organizational knowledge, learning, and capabilities is limited to … Continue reading

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