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Peering at Open Peer Review

Peer review is an essential part of the modern scientific process. Sending manuscripts for others to scrutinize is such a widespread practice in academia that its importance cannot be overstated. Since the late eighteenth century, when the Philosophical Transactions of … Continue reading

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Blueprint for P2P Society: The Partner State & Ethical Economy

A new way to produce is emerging. By this I mean: a new way to produce anything and everything, whether it is software, food, or cities. What once required rigid organisations and a society defined by the mentality of hierarchies, … Continue reading

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Bank says no? Ditch the bank – borrow from the crowd

What you might not know is that there are technology solutions for banking every bit as powerful as social media such as Facebook that can step into the gap, making it possible, this very minute, for you to borrow or … Continue reading

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The concept of change in the age of P2P and the Commons

Michel Bauwens talks at TEDxHornstull, October 2011

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How Peer to Peer Communities will Change the World

Read In reality, the term P2P refers, since a long time now, to the range of solutions, paradigms and approaches focusing on co-design (collaborative design) and co-creation, openness and freedom: that is, each decentralized, shared, distributed, equal mean to provide … Continue reading

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