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Climate Protection as a World Citizen Movement

Protection of Earth system services is essential for sustainable development. This is why a paradigm shift is needed in society and the economy. It is thus up to all actors – from individuals to businesses to nation states – to … Continue reading

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Toward fostering Environmental Political Participation: framing an agenda for Environmental Education Research

Scholars of environmental education (EE) and education for sustainable development (ESD) have been among the environmental leaders calling for individuals to become increasingly engaged in political action aimed at addressing environmental and sustainability issues. Few, however, have studied how educational … Continue reading

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A Theory of the Public Sphere

The dominant approach to the public sphere is characterized by idealism and normativism.  It overemphasizes civic-minded or civil discourse, envisions unrealistically egalitarian and widespread participation, has difficulty dealing with consequential public events, and neglects the spatial core of the public … Continue reading

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