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Market Outcomes and Political Power

Read Read also: The Fed’s $16 Trillion Bailouts Under-reported The media likes to talk about markets as if they were just a force of nature.  In fact, markets and their outcomes are largely shaped by political power.  In a capitalist … Continue reading

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Forecasting 2011’s risks affecting the economic and political landscape

Top forecasters predict where this year’s economic and political risks will be and why they matter. While the specter of the financial crisis still looms, countries are emerging from its wake and becoming part of an increasingly interconnected, dynamic political … Continue reading

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Get ready for a new economic era

Get ready for a new economic era The mortgage-fueled market slide is leading the United States into much more than a recession—it is also ushering in a new economy. The consumer economy that was born in the 1950s is lurching … Continue reading

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