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Neoliberalism is not a theory of everything: a Bourdieuian analysis of illusio in educational research

Despite the frequency with which the concept of neoliberalism is employed within academic literature, its complex and multifaceted nature makes it difficult to define and describe. Indeed, data reported in this article suggest that there is a tendency in educational … Continue reading

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Observing complexity: systems theory and postmodernity

The rubric of systems theory brings together conceptual models and approaches in the sciences and social sciences that study complexity. It attempts to provide a coherent means of describing all systems, whether organic or inorganic, and offers a theory of … Continue reading

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Complexity and Postmodernism: Understanding Complex Systems

Read In Complexity and Postmodernism, Paul Cilliers explores the idea of complexity in the light of contemporary perspectives from philosophy and science. Cilliers offers us a unique approach to understanding complexity and computational theory by integrating postmodern theory (like that … Continue reading

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Rhizoactivity – Toward a Postmodern Theory of Lifelong Learning

Although the loss of certainty in the age of postmodernism is questioning knowledge production in general, the emerging discourse of lifelong learning demands a different theory of adult learning in particular. This article aims to offer a conceptual tool for … Continue reading

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Activating Postmodernism – postmodernism and activity theory

Read This article articulates the relationship between postmodernism and activity theory. Specifically, it is argued that a synthesis of postmodern psychology and activity theory can be effected such that (a) activity theory is transformed from a progressive, albeit modernist, theory … Continue reading

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