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Poverty, Disease, and the Ecology of Complex Systems

Understanding why some human populations remain persistently poor remains a significant challenge for both the social and natural sciences. The extremely poor are generally reliant on their immediate natural resource base for subsistence and suffer high rates of mortality due … Continue reading

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On the Children Misery Gap

Harvard academic Robert Putnam – ‘America is moving toward a caste society’ –  Basically all parts of American society are failing these kids. Poor kids in America now, compared to 30 years ago, have been ignored and isolated by every … Continue reading

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The Human Rights Approach to Social Protection

One pressing omission to date is the complete absence from the discussion of the human rights implications and outcomes of social protection programmes. This is a significant analytical gap that must be filled. Considering the extensive human rights obligations which … Continue reading

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Poor kids help at home but hide at school, or the dynamics of Exclusion

Children from poor families cope by hiding their situation from teachers and peers. The study sheds light on the demanding circumstances under which poor children interact with other children – and adults. At home a poor child will tend to … Continue reading

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Empowering Villagers by showing them the Beauty of their Own Voice

One of the overarching issues that the village faces is a sense of inferiority vis-à-vis the city. The language that many of them use to describe themselves and their village in comparison to the city and city dwellers illustrates a … Continue reading

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Brazil’s Poverty and Racial Higher Education Affirmative-Action Quotas

There are only two explanations for the grossly disproportionate student bodies in the United States and Brazil. (1) Black students in the United States and Brazil are inferior, they are not working as hard, or they are not as naturally … Continue reading

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Brazil – racial and income Affirmative Action at Federal Universities

The law which forces Brazilian federal universities to leave 50% of higher education seats to students from government schools and minorities such as blacks and indigenous became effective on Monday. Affirmative action or positive discrimination means public school students have … Continue reading

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Parental job loss and youth’s education

We aim to understand why blacks are significantly less likely than whites to perpetuate their middle class status across generations.  We find that parental job loss is associated with a lesser likelihood of obtaining any post-secondary education for all offspring, … Continue reading

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Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions

Incisive grassroots account of the new global revolutions by acclaimed BBC journalist. The world is facing a wave of uprisings, protests and revolutions: Arab dictators swept away, public spaces occupied, slum-dwellers in revolt, cyberspace buzzing with utopian dreams. Events we … Continue reading

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Coping with Complexity: Child and Adult Poverty

Listening to people talk about their experience of poverty, it is clear that poverty is complex and multi-dimensional. Poverty is more than simply a lack of income. It is the stress caused by the inability to make ends meet, social … Continue reading

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