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Advancing the Science of Collaborative Problem Solving

Collaborative problem solving (CPS) has been receiving increasing international attention because much of the complex work in the modern world is performed by teams. However, systematic education and training on CPS is lacking for those entering and participating in the … Continue reading

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Improving education for collaborative problem solving

Many environmental, social, and public health problems require collaborative problem solving because they are too complex for an individual to work through alone. This requires research and technical workforce that is better prepared for collaborative problem-solving. How can this be … Continue reading

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Fundamentals of Natural Computing: An overview

Natural computing is a terminology introduced to encompass three classes of methods: (1) those that take inspiration from nature for the development of novel problem-solving techniques; (2) those that are based on the use of computers to synthesize natural phenomena; … Continue reading

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Creative Tensions: A new Approach for Understanding

Creative Tensions is a physically activated collective conversation in which participants share where they stand on a topic by virtue of where they stand in the room. Inspired and provoked by a pair of speakers who approach the topic from … Continue reading

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Solving Problems With Collective Intelligence – Towards an Internet of Thinkers?

How can technology that we are able to build with today’s tools help us to solve the big problems of individuals, organizations, and the world at large? More specifically: How can we use the internet in the best way to … Continue reading

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Multiple Levels of Metacognition and Complex Problem-solving Tasks

Building on prior efforts, we re-conceptualize metacognition on multiple levels, looking at the sources that trigger metacognition at the individual level, the social level, and the environmental level. This helps resolve the paradox of metacognition: metacognition is personal, but it … Continue reading

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Creative Problem Solving – Students’ Skills In Tackling Real-Life Problems – PISA 2012

In modern societies, all of life isproblem solving. Changes in society, the environment, and in technology mean that the content of applicable knowledge evolves rapidly. Adapting, learning, daring to try out new things and always being ready to learn from … Continue reading

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A Comparison of Individual and Group Efforts to Creative Problem Solving

Until recently, most empirical research about the creative problem-solving (CPS) process has focused on its divergent thinking aspects, but some broader conceptions of CPS inspired a trilevel matching theory that views CPS tasks as varying in needed thought styles, processing … Continue reading

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Cognitive Abilities Involved in Insight Problem Solving

This study investigated individual differences in cognitive abilities that contribute to solving insight problems. A model is proposed describing three types of cognitive ability that contribute independently to insight: convergent thinking, divergent thinking, and breaking frame. The model was tested … Continue reading

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Incubation in Insight Problem Solving

A break in the attentive activity devoted to a problem may eventually facilitate the solution process. This phenomenon is known by the name incubation. A new hypothesis regarding incubation mechanism is suggested. It is based on analysis of the structure … Continue reading

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