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Two-year-old Children differentiate Test Questions from Genuine Questions

Children are frequently confronted with so-called ‘ test questions’. While genuine questions are requests for missing information, test questions ask for information obviously already known to the questioner. In this study we explored whether two-year-old children respond differentially to one … Continue reading

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How to ask the right questions

We ask questions all the time but rarely do we stop to think about how we’re asking. “That’s a good question!” is often our reply when we’re asked a question that we find difficult to answer. But is a good … Continue reading

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Students – Questions are More Important Than Answers

In a traditional classroom, the teacher is the center of attention, the owner of knowledge and information. Teachers often ask questions of their students to gauge comprehension, but it’s a passive model that relies on students to absorb information they … Continue reading

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Teaching Students How to Question

Friday March 14 is the 135th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s birthday, a good time to think about the importance of asking questions. This was a big theme for Einstein, who told us, “The important thing is not to stop questioning,” … Continue reading

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The Interrogative Mood

This book poses question after question – mad, peculiar, and often very thought-provoking. Unlikely though it sounds, it’s a work of real charm. Might I ask you a question? How do you feel when the prose that you are reading … Continue reading

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