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A foucauldian analysis of school memories told by undergraduates of color

This paper draws from the writings of Michel Foucault and his recently reconsidered provocations on race and racialization. Using Foucault’s definition of ‘internal racism,’ race is understood as a complex set of correlations that are employed for the purpose of establishing (ab)normality and exercising … Continue reading

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Reading ‘Race’ in Bourdieu? Examining Black Cultural Capital

This article extends Bourdieu’s notion of cultural capital in relation to ‘race’ and ethnicity by exploring the significance of black cultural capital among middle class black Caribbean young people in a large state school in south London. Black cultural capital … Continue reading

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Whose culture has capital? A Critical Race Theory discussion of Community Cultural Wealth

This article conceptualizes community cultural wealth as a critical race theory (CRT) challenge to traditional interpretations of cultural capital. CRT shifts the research lens away from a deficit view of Communities of Color as places full of cultural poverty disadvantages, … Continue reading

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Brazil’s Poverty and Racial Higher Education Affirmative-Action Quotas

There are only two explanations for the grossly disproportionate student bodies in the United States and Brazil. (1) Black students in the United States and Brazil are inferior, they are not working as hard, or they are not as naturally … Continue reading

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