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The Rebirth of History – Times of Riots and Uprisings

Testing the winds of history blowing from the Arab revolts. In the uprisings of the Arab world, Alain Badiou discerns echoes of the European revolutions of 1848. In both cases, the object was to overthrow despotic regimes maintained by the … Continue reading

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The Economics of Revolution

A new paradigm is organically evolving: new economic systems, sustainable communities, solar energy, organic farming, liquid democracy, worker co-ops and new media. For all the problems we are confronted by, there are existing viable solutions. There is much to feel … Continue reading

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Revolution in the Age of Social Media: The Egyptian Popular Insurrection and the Internet

An accessible guide to the enduring struggle between people and power in the digital age. Egypt’s January 25. Revolution of 2011 was a dramatic demonstration of the role social media has come to play in radical activism. A key moment … Continue reading

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Searching for the Future in the Streets of Caracas

This essay describes the perilous situation of contemporary neoliberal capitalism which we refer to as immiseration capitalism. We argue that a possible alternative to immiseration capitalism lies in the current movement in Venezuela known as the Bolivarian revolution. The authors … Continue reading

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Returning to Revolution – Deleuze, Guattari and Zapatismo

Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri were quick to cast the Occupy movement as an expression of their own concept of ‘“multitude form” . . . characterized by frequent assemblies and participatory decision-making structures’. But where did Hardt and Negri get … Continue reading

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Talking about capitalism and revolution

For John Holloway, it all starts with the Scream: a resounding roar, a ‘NO! Ya Basta! Enough already! We won’t submit any longer to the brutalizing logic of capitalist domination!’ It starts with this Scream, but it does not end … Continue reading

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The day the middle class will rise up

When the middle classes revolt, our political leaders will realise that they have been sitting on a powder keg, warns Polish philosopher Marcin Król. In the absence of any prospect of social advancement, they may choose revolution as a last … Continue reading

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Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution

Long before the Occupy movement, modern cities had already become the central sites of revolutionary politics, where the deeper currents of social and political change rise to the surface. Consequently, cities have been the subject of much utopian thinking. But … Continue reading

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Las tensiones creativas del proceso revolucionario

.. ésas son tensiones creativas del proceso revolucionario. Pasó con los mineros. Algunos nos pedían intervención militar. Los conflictos, aunque tardemos un mes o seis meses, aunque hasta haya dinamitadas, deben resolverse democráticamente. Lo mismo con el petróleo. Y así … Continue reading

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Revolution Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Those who were expecting a quick victory in Egypt are no doubt disappointed, but successful People Power movements of recent decades have usually been protracted struggles. Despite the natural subsidence of dramatic demonstrations on the streets of Cairo and other … Continue reading

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