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Rhizomatic Systems and the Emergence of Intelligence

“The ‘arborescenť model of thought designates the epistemology that informs all of Western thought, from botany to information sciences to theology”. Arbolic thought is a model to describe a system that is hierarchical, centered around a core belief, reductivistic, increasingly … Continue reading

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The Rhizomatics of Domination: From Darwin to Biotechnology

In the rhizomatics of domination characteristic of corporate funded genetic engineering and biopiracy, the benefits of rhizomatic kinship are subsumed by the hierarchical accumulation of capital, while the dangers of biological contamination, the development of super-viruses and weeds, and the … Continue reading

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The Narrative Construction of the Self – Selfhood as a Rhizomatic Story

In this article, the authors use the metaphor of the rhizome of the French philosophers Deleuze and Guattari as an experimental methodological concept to study the narrative construction of the self. By considering the self as a rhizomatic story, the … Continue reading

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The Rhizomatics of Domination: From Darwin to Biotechnology

Although not an exhaustive sampling, this paper is about two competing kinship systems, the arboreal and the rhizomatic, and the ways in which they structure and are structured by political economy, scientific knowledge, and power. There are many different kinship … Continue reading

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Self-Organization and The Hierarchy of Institutions

The occupations around the world do not rely on the bureaucratic organizational schemes that Weber described, and they actively fight against the increasing expansion of Ellulian technique. The occupations are self-organizing, they are rhizomatic, and they do not rely on … Continue reading

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Towards a Rhizomatic Method for Knowledge Management

Read The paper highlights the importance of ontological assumptions to the management of knowledge and the development of knowledge management systems. It juxtaposes the ontology of “being” based on the work of Heidegger , and the ontology of “becoming” based … Continue reading

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The cyclical process of action research – The contribution of Gilles Deleuze

Action Research is normally described as both a cyclical process and a participatory (democratic/egalitarian) undertaking. This article does not seek to contest the idiosyncrasies and pragmatics of the cyclical process involved in action research. Rather, it seeks to enrich it … Continue reading

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Building Community in Web-based Learning Environments: Strategies, Techniques and Tools

The Web has received widespread acceptance and use for creating and supporting learning activities across disciplines within higher education. However, satisfaction with the Web for purposes of learning has not been as strong as proponents may have hoped. Creating a … Continue reading

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Rhizosemiotic Play and the Generativity of Fiction

In this brief essay, I share some experiences of writing ‘to find something out’ by focusing on a process that I have deployed in three narrative experiments inspired by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s  figuration of the rhizome—a process that … Continue reading

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An Educational Filter – A rhizomatic process applied to collaborative learning

Viewer —   Download This thesis explores the process of learning theoretically through a rhizomatic process applied to collaborative learning. A rhizome constantly changes, is flexible and spontaneous. The destination of the path is the process of networking. The Rhizomatic … Continue reading

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