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Pirate Philosophy: For a Digital Posthumanities

In Pirate Philosophy, Gary Hall considers whether the fight against the neoliberal corporatization of higher education in fact requires scholars to transform their own lives and labor. Is there a way for philosophers and theorists to act not just for … Continue reading

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Peering at Open Peer Review

Peer review is an essential part of the modern scientific process. Sending manuscripts for others to scrutinize is such a widespread practice in academia that its importance cannot be overstated. Since the late eighteenth century, when the Philosophical Transactions of … Continue reading

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On Scholarly Journals

The past few years have seen a massive proliferation of scholarly journals. The number of ‘‘management’’ journals indexed by the Web of Knowledge has tripled in the past dozen years, and new non-standard journals seem to emerge daily, providing readers … Continue reading

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Digital, Networked and Open: The Digital Scholar – How Technology Is Transforming Scholarly Practice

The structure of this book: essentially about three things: how the adoption of new technology is changing scholarly practice, how it could change practice and what questions does this raise for all academics? This book has four main sections that … Continue reading

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