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What Students Don’t Know

Read Today’s college students might have grown up with the language of the information age, but they do not necessarily know the grammar. Even when students turned to more scholarly resources, that did not necessarily solve the problem. Many seemed … Continue reading

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Colonial-industrial training vs. democratic Web education: The experts vs. the people?

Read Real global e-learning is when the world is empowered to collaboratively teach itself. This vision and opinion paper is based on the principles of the Global Learning Framework™. For years, the contrast of traditional e-learning’s top-down approach has clashed … Continue reading

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Politics and Social Software – Recommendations for Inclusive ICTs

The emergence of social software and the new perception of the Internet promise to enable decentralized actions, a range of  possibilities to share and exchange information open and free of charge, to collaborate equally, and to foster intercultural understanding and … Continue reading

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