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What Is Self-Directed Education?

Let’s start with the term education. In everyday language people tend to equate education with schooling, which leads one to think of education as something that is done to students by teachers. Teachers educate and students become educated. Teachers give … Continue reading

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Libraries as Centers for Self-Directed Education

How could your local library best serve your family’s and community’s needs? We have in our society two types of publicly supported institutions whose explicit purpose is education—schools and libraries. How different they are from one another! The primary difference … Continue reading

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Biological Foundations for Self-Directed Education

Here are four powerful, innate drives that lead children to educate themselves. In many previous posts I have contended that children come into the world biologically designed to educate themselves. The evidence comes from observing the amazing learning capacities of … Continue reading

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Differences Between Self-Directed and Progressive Education

As regular readers of this blog know, I’m an advocate for Self-Directed Education. My research and that of others convinces me that Self-Directed Education works, is eminently practical, and is far less trouble to everyone than the coercive educational system … Continue reading

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How to Learn on Your Own

We all have cases where we want to learn something outside the school context. Maybe you need to pick up some skills for your job or hobby. Maybe you read something surprising in the newspaper and want to know the … Continue reading

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What happens when Students Create their own Curriculum?

There are no tests, no grades, and, for some students, no traditional classes to sit through. That’s because the program is centered around the concept and execution of self-directed learning. With input from advisors, working professionals, parents, and peers, each … Continue reading

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Democratic Schooling: What Happens to Young People Who Have Charge of Their Own Education

A follow-up study was conducted of the graduates of the Sudbury Valley School (SVS), a democratically administered primary and secondary school that has no learning requirements but rather supports students’ self-directed activities. Although these individuals educated themselves in ways that … Continue reading

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