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Occupy Wall Street, Swarm Behavior & Self-Organized Criticality

If you’ve been watching the Occupy Wall Street protests these last few weeks, you may be surprised by how quickly it spread from a small group of disgruntled youth in New York to a planetary mobilization that is now active … Continue reading

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Two Case Studies in the Diffusion of Scientific Information via the Internet

This report concerns a pilot study of patterns of access to scientific documents made available on the internet, in particular, the World-Wide Web. Its goal is to suggest that the behavior of internet users can be subject to scientific analysis, … Continue reading

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The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia

For two thousand years the disparate groups that now reside in Zomia (a mountainous region the size of Europe that consists of portions of seven Asian countries) have fled the projects of the organized state societies that surround them—slavery, conscription, … Continue reading

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Pioneering Ants Challenge Self-Organization Assumptions

Read Some worker ants are more equal than others. As with other social insects, it was once thought that workers were essentially equivalent in ant colony hierarchies. But it appears that a few well-informed individuals shape group decisions by leading … Continue reading

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Ants Are Talking To Us – Binding in community, self-organizing and survival

Read Scientists at Georgia Tech recently reported this fascinating example of altruistic behavior in the animal kingdom as a survival mechanism. They reported that the dreaded Amazonian fire ant when swept up by the seasonal floodwaters came together by the … Continue reading

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The Conductor-less Orchestra

Tapping into the unique skills of knowledge workers requires leaders to adopt new ways of thinking and to apply new models of organization to the workplace. According to Harvard business professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter in Executive Excellence, “Your structures should … Continue reading

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A Sociological Theory of Communication – The Self-Organization of the Knowledge-Based Society

Networks of communication evolve in terms of reflexive exchanges. The codification of these reflections in language, that is, at the social level, can be considered as the operating system of society. Under sociologically specifiable conditions, the discursive reconstructions can be … Continue reading

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The New Science of Leadership: An Interview with Margaret Wheatley

Read Meg Wheatley was thrown into the public spotlight in 1992 with the publication of Leadership and the New Science, a groundbreaking look at how new discoveries in quantum physics, chaos theory, and biology challenge our standard ways of thinking … Continue reading

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Scale-free Networks

Scientists have recently discovered that various complex systems have underying architecture governend by shared organizing principles. This insight has important impliations for a host of applications, from drug development to Internet security. Yet despite the importance and pervasiveness of networks, … Continue reading

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Kevin Kelly’s Complexity Theory – The Politics and Ideology of Self-Organizing Systems

Regarded as a contemporary prophet of the new technology and economy, Kevin Kelly argues that the realms of nature and human construction are becoming one. Human-made things are becoming more lifelike, and life is becomingmore engineered. In this futureworld, control … Continue reading

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