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The ‘theoretical foundations’ of community service-learning: from taproots to rhizomes

As a relatively new education phenomenon community, service-learning has been subjected to various criticisms. One of the criticisms is that its theoretical foundation is thin. In this article, I review efforts at tracing the theoretical roots of service-learning. Furthermore, I trouble the … Continue reading

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Faculty Perspectives on Sustaining Service-Learning

This study reports the perceptions of faculty 10 years after participating and sustaining their involvement in academic service-learning. Issues explored include why participants became involved in service-learning, the perceived impact on the promotion and tenure process, the challenges and rewards … Continue reading

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Service-Learning in Early Adolescence

Over the past few decades, service-learning has surged in popularity. Although most programs are implemented in high school and college classrooms, service-learning has the potential for great impact in middle school. The present article evaluates a pilot service-learning program for … Continue reading

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The Emotional Component of Service-Learning

The interest in and acceptance of service learning has insufficiently addressed the inextricable emotional linkage to all of its functions. Utilizing Coles’ conceptualization of the intricate role of emotion in service-learning, this study  explored how and why emotion and feeling … Continue reading

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Service-Learning within Higher Education: Rhizomatic Interconnections between University and the Real World

This paper discusses Service-learning within an Australian higher education context as pedagogy to teach about inclusive education. Using Deleuze and Guattari‘s model of the rhizome, this study conceptualises pre-service teachers’ learning experiences as multiple, hydra and continuous. Data from reflection … Continue reading

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