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Skills and competencies needed in the research field: Objectives 2020

Politicians, business leaders and unions in all countries are unanimous in pointing to research, and the issues of how to fuel it and how to resource it, as make or break challenges. If national and/or international research policies together with … Continue reading

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Adult Skills – OECD Outlook 2013

The way we live and work has changed profoundly – and so has the set of skills we need to participate fully in and benefit from our hyper-connected societies and increasingly knowledge-based economies. The extent to which their citizens are … Continue reading

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Bail out schools and universities rather than banks

Is it time to think differently about what creates new industries and jobs? Should education be recognised as the key to innovation rather than a drain on the public purse? Should we be pumping money into universities as well as … Continue reading

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Education at a Glance 2013 – Youth Unemployment and Skills – OECD

Education at a Glance comes at a time when youth unemployment between 2008 and 2011 climbed steeply in most countries and have remained high ever since. Young people have been particularly hard-hit by un- and underemployment as a result of … Continue reading

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Nothing in common – The career aspirations of young people mapped against projected labour market demand

This paper asks a simple question: is there any alignment between the career aspirations of young people, aged between 13 and 18, and the best estimates of actual demand within the current and future labour market? The question is relevant … Continue reading

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Mind the (Skills) Gap

A bachelor’s degree used to provide enough basic training to last a career. Yet today, the skills college graduates acquire during college have an expected shelf life of only five years according to extensive work we’ve done in conjunction with … Continue reading

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Skills Gap? Employers and Colleges Point Fingers at Each Other

As chief executives, and now in retirement, they often talk about the inherent importance of the liberal arts to a successful workplace where creativity, problem solving, flexibility, and teamwork are paramount. In survey after survey, employers seem to agree that … Continue reading

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The Great Transformation in the Global Labour Market

The trends identified in our research suggest that a defining feature of the shift from multinational to transnational companies is the development of global webs of high-, medium- and low-skilled work that straddle national borders, where a growing proportion of … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean To Be Literate In The 21st Century?

Is it time to re-think the list of life skills that we want our kids to know? Our economies have for many years been moving away from old style manufacturing to services. That transition is set to continue, and requires … Continue reading

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Workforce Skills and Innovation – An Overview of Major Themes in the Literature

This paper provides an account of the main approaches, debates and evidence in the literature on the role of workforce skills in the innovation process in developed economies. It draws on multiple sources including the innovation studies discipline, Human Capital … Continue reading

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