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The Science of Social Emergence

Sociology should be the foundational science of social emergence. But to date, sociologists have neglected emergence, and studies of emergence are more common within microeconomics. Moving forward, I argue that a science of social emergence requires two advances beyond current … Continue reading

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Social Emergence – Societies as Complex Systems

Can we understand important social issues by studying individual personalities, decisions, and behaviors? Or are societies somehow more than the people in them? Sociologists have long believed that the study of individual decisions and behaviors cannot fully explain the complex … Continue reading

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The Dialectic of Bottom-up and Top-down Emergence in Social Systems

In  this  paper  we  will  present  a  theoretical  explanation of  the  relationship between  so-called individual  emergence and  the emergence  of  social  systems. We want to  take as  our  point  of departure  the assumption  that  from the  perspective  of  hierarchical  systems  … Continue reading

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