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Social Structures and the Ontology of Social Groups

Social groups—like teams, committees, gender groups, and racial groups—play a central role in our lives and in philosophical inquiry. Here I develop and motivate a structuralist ontology of social groups centered on social structures (i.e., networks of relations that are … Continue reading

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Geographic Constraints on Social Network Groups

Social groups are fundamental building blocks of human societies. While our social interactions have always been constrained by geography, it has been impossible, due to practical difficulties, to evaluate the nature of this restriction on social group structure. We construct … Continue reading

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Social Neuroscience – toward Understanding the underpinnings of the Social Mind

The objective of this book is to introduce social cognitive neuroscience research that addresses questions of fundamental importance to social psychology, combining multiple methodologies in innovative ways. The book is divided into four sections. The first section deals with understanding … Continue reading

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