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Social Neuroscience – toward Understanding the underpinnings of the Social Mind

The objective of this book is to introduce social cognitive neuroscience research that addresses questions of fundamental importance to social psychology, combining multiple methodologies in innovative ways. The book is divided into four sections. The first section deals with understanding … Continue reading

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Psychology in Social Context

Recent years have seen an increasing recognition of issues with psychology, and growth in critical approaches to the discipline. However, existing texts in critical psychology are rather advanced for most readers. This book provides an accessible introduction to ideas in … Continue reading

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Toward a cross-species Understanding of Empathy

Although signs of empathy have now been well documented in non-human primates, only during the past few years have systematic observations suggested that a primal form of empathy exists in rodents. Thus, the study of empathy in animals has started in earnest. Here we review … Continue reading

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The Past, Present and Future of Social Neuroscience

This review provides an overview of the field of social neuroscience from a European perspective and focuses mainly on outlining research topics which originated in European laboratories. After a brief historical synopsis of the emergence of this young field, the … Continue reading

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The Frames of Cognition

In his paper “Socially Extended Mind,” Shaun Gallagher aims to broaden the perspective of the philosophy of  cognitive science and to bring theoretical discussions to new grounds. However, I argue that such comprehensive attempt needs to be worked out and … Continue reading

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Cognitive Integration, Enculturated Cognition and the Socially Extended Mind

Shaun Gallagher presents an interesting case for the social extension of the mind. I argue that there is one way in which Gallagher can argue for a social extension, which is continuous with an enculturated model of cognition, such as … Continue reading

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On the Hive Mind – Explorations in Social Semiotics

This thesis is about how coordinated group behavior emerges out of the many interactions between individuals. While I focus primarily on humans, other animals —including the honeybee—provide simple models to explain some of the principles that are at work in … Continue reading

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