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Academic Bildung in Net-based Higher Education: Moving beyond Learning

The explosive emergence of net-based learning in higher education brings with it new possibilities and constraints in teaching and learning environments. This edited collection considers how the concept of Academic Bildung – a term suggesting a personal educational process beyond … Continue reading

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Networked Knowing

With creative work, much of the knowledge required is implicit. It cannot be found in a manual or text book, and there is no training program to become creative. Informal learning, often with peers, is how creative workers have learned … Continue reading

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Social Networked Learning in Complex Information Environments

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How the news finds you…

Read The rise of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, allied to the ubiquity of connected mobile phones, has combined to create powerful new networks in which information can be created and shared instantly without the involvement of traditional media … Continue reading

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Connectivism: Design and Delivery of Social Networked Learning

Read New technologies that influence how information is created and shared and how people connect and socialize hold promise for adoption in education. The implications for education are significant. Educators have explored the role of the Internet as a research … Continue reading

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