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Structure, Culture and Agency

Professor Margaret Archer is a leading critical realist and major contemporary social theorist. This edited collection seeks to celebrate the scope and accomplishments of her work, distilling her theoretical and empirical contributions into four sections which capture the essence and … Continue reading

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La nouvelle école capitaliste

Ce qui ressemble aujourd’hui à un sabotage de l’école – suppressions de classes, réduction des effectifs enseignants et appauvrissement de la condition enseignante – ne suffit pas à caractériser la mutation historique de l’école. Celle-ci ne joue plus seulement une … Continue reading

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A critical look at the theories of sociology of education

This paper sets out to discuss major theories of sociology of education in an attempt to reveal why we need to extend analysis beyond their current forms. It provides both a brief historical account for each theory and fundamental critiques … Continue reading

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The sociology of education

Because education is an essential institution in society, the sociology of education must focus on an array of salient social issues, many with vital policy implications.  Following a discussion of the various theoretical orientations of sociology of education, this article, … Continue reading

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