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Democratic Schooling: What Happens to Young People Who Have Charge of Their Own Education

A follow-up study was conducted of the graduates of the Sudbury Valley School (SVS), a democratically administered primary and secondary school that has no learning requirements but rather supports students’ self-directed activities. Although these individuals educated themselves in ways that … Continue reading

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Free Play can define Kids’ Success

Free, unstructured playtime gives kids a chance to discover their interests and tap into their creativity. It’s a crucial element for building resilience in children, an attribute they’ll need in order to become happy, productive adults. That’s Kenneth Ginsburg’s thesis … Continue reading

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Risky Play: Why Children Love It and Need It

To protect our children we must allow them to play in ways deemed “risky.”  Fear, you would think, is a negative experience, to be avoided whenever possible. Yet, as everyone who has a child or once was one knows, children … Continue reading

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A Playful Path

Playfulness isn’t an achievement, it’s a gift. And that gift comes to those who choose to receive it. Even though I rigorously claim that “playful path is the shortest road to happiness,” it often happens that we don’t choose to … Continue reading

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Free to Learn

Why unleashing the Instinct to Play will make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life Our children spend their days being passively instructed and made to sit still and take tests—often against their will. We call this … Continue reading

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Play, Playfulness, Creativity and Innovation

What role does playful behaviour and playful thought take in animal and human development? How does play relate to creativity and, in turn, to innovation? Unravelling the different meanings of ‘play’, this book focuses on non-aggressive playful play. The authors … Continue reading

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Alternative Teaching Methods

Traditional schools “with their lectures, homework, and report cards” aren’t for everyone. Here are five alternative approaches to education. 1. Montessori. Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman in Italy to earn her physician’s degree, developed the educational model that bears … Continue reading

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The Special Value of Children’s Age-Mixed Play

From an evolutionary perspective, the normal social play of children involves kids of various ages. Our human and great-ape ancestors most likely lived in small groups with low birth rates, which made play with others of nearly the same age … Continue reading

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