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Social Innovation – Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Following the approach of Social Innovation not only being a key driver for companies in the future but a whole new paradigm, this book takes a new approach. Instead of listing current Social Innovations as best-practice examples and focusing on … Continue reading

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Systems View of Life

As the twenty-first century unfolds, it is becoming more and more evident that the major problems of our time – energy, the environment, climate change, food security, financial security – cannot be understood in isolation. They are systemic problems, which … Continue reading

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Social and Solidarity Economy and the Challenge of Sustainable Development

This position paper has been prepared by members and observers of the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy. It responds to the concern that the process of crafting a post-2015 development agenda and set of Sustainable … Continue reading

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Facilitating Sustainable Innovation through Collaboration

Innovation, sustainability, and collaboration are all related in their efforts to manage multiple dimensions of organizational and institutional policies and practices. This book provides an overview of the three topics and their relative importance to overall advancement of sustainability through … Continue reading

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Climate Protection as a World Citizen Movement

Protection of Earth system services is essential for sustainable development. This is why a paradigm shift is needed in society and the economy. It is thus up to all actors – from individuals to businesses to nation states – to … Continue reading

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World in Transition – A Social Contract for Sustainability

Adding together all of the challenges involved in the transformation for sustainability to come, it becomes clear that the upcoming changes go far beyond technological and technocratic reforms: the business of society must be founded on a new ‘business basis’. … Continue reading

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Human Progress within Planetary Boundaries

The year 2015 has special importance for the transformation towards sustainable development. New Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are then supposed to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The aim is to offer a new orientation for political action in the … Continue reading

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Sustainability Transformations – a Resilience Perspective

Scholars and policy makers are becoming increasingly interested in the processes that lead to transformations toward sustainability. We explored how resilience thinking, and a stronger focus on social-ecological systems, can contribute to existing studies of sustainability transformations. First, we responded … Continue reading

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Visions and Pathways Towards Sustainable Development

This paper surveys the current status quo of societal knowledge about transformation towards sustainability. Visions are central for policy processes and human development in general, since we cannot discuss terms such as “progress”, “growth” or “innovation” of society without considering … Continue reading

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Community Resilience and Contemporary Agri-Ecological Systems: Reconnecting People and Food, and People with People

Alternative agricultural systems that emphasize ecological and community resilience provide a bridge between traditional agriculture and natural resource management. These can be referred to as agri-ecological systems and include systems such as Organic Agriculture, Biodynamics, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Permaculture, … Continue reading

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