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From Design Thinking to Systems Change

Achieving change in a world ever more defined by complexity is difficult. We face an array of complex ‘wicked’ problems, from an aging population to climate change to intergenerational cycles of poverty. It can often seem that these challenges are insurmountable and that … Continue reading

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A new Framework for assessing Systemic Change

Complex social systems are unpredictable on the level of the individual actor. They are, however, somewhat stable and predictable on the level of their emerging structure. Hence, systemic change can be defined as transformations in the structure of a system. … Continue reading

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Collective Impact and Building Networks for System Change

A recent report out of the University of Michigan and Michigan State University highlights a number of food systems change efforts that have adopted a collective impact approach. Two of these are initiatives that IISC supports – Food Solutions New … Continue reading

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The Complexity of Wicked Problems in Large Scale Change

This paper 1) elaborates the framework of organizational change to extend the traditional boundaries of organizational change to include large system change (LSC) requiring multi-sector interventions; 2) integrates, synthesizes, and describes different dimensions of complex adaptive systems (CAS) and wicked … Continue reading

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Recipes for Systemic Change

The last few years have brought growing worldwide interest in applying design methods and design thinking to social and public policy challenges. At their best these methods catalyse people to see issues and possibilities in a fresh way. They spark … Continue reading

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Systems Thinking and System Change

In systems thinking, there is a concept of spontaneous emergence of new order. There are basic conditions that are necessary for this to happen. First, you need networks of communication. Typically, these involve feedback loops, as do all living systems. … Continue reading

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Social Innovation – Pathways to System Change

Social entrepreneurs and non-for-profit organizations often attempt not only to make a difference on the local level, but also to challenge and possibly alter the overall system that creates the social problems. The pathways for system change that social entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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