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Cooperation and Cognition in Wikipedia

The new socio-technological systems of the internet involve complex collaborative behaviors, of which Wikis in general are a particular successful case, and especially Wikipedia. This encyclopedia has created and harnessed new social and work dynamics, which can provide insight into … Continue reading

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Coordinating the Commons – Diversity & Dynamics in Open Collaborations

The success of Wikipedia demonstrates that open collaboration can be an effective model for organizing geographically distributed volunteers to perform complex, sustained work at a massive scale. However, Wikipedia’s history also demonstrates some of the challenges that large, long-term open … Continue reading

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Assessing the Quality of Wikipedia Pages Using Edit Longevity and Contributor Centrality

In this paper we address the challenge of assessing the quality of Wikipedia pages using scores derived from edit contribution and contributor authoritativeness measures. The hypothesis is that pages with significant contributions from authoritative contributors are likely to be high-quality … Continue reading

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