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The Effects of Poverty on the Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health of Children and Youth

This article considers the implications for prevention science of recent advances in research on family poverty and children’s mental, emotional, and behavioral health. First, we describe definitions of poverty and the conceptual and empirical challenges to estimating the causal effects of poverty on children’s mental, … Continue reading

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Youth and the Politics of the Present – Coping with Complexity and Ambivalence

Book. June 2019. Youth and the Politics of the Present presents a range of topical sociological investigations into various aspects of the everyday practices of young adults in different European contexts. Indeed, this volume provides an original and provocative investigation … Continue reading

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Using Music to Close the Academic Gap

When Plato said that music gives “wings to the mind,” he might have been onto something. Recent studies increasingly point to the power of music to shape the brain and boost its functioning. But despite a flurry of research documenting … Continue reading

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Youth-Led Social Change: Topics, Engagement Types, Organizational Types, Strategies and Impacts

This paper provides a framework for evaluating youth-led social change. The framework considers: seven topics (e.g., environment, human health and safety, and education); nine engagement types (e.g., volunteerism, research and innovation, and political engagement); six organizational types (e.g., advisory body, … Continue reading

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Nurturing Creativity in Young People

This report offers: 1) A clear framework for the further development of creativity for children and young people; and, 2) A progression within this framework that starts with the Early Years, is embedded in (but goes beyond) mainstream education, develops … Continue reading

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Youth-led Innovation – enhancing the Skills and Capacity of the next generation of Innovators

Young people can best develop the skills for innovation by receiving positive feedback and recognition for early successes and having opportunities to experience successful innovation for themselves. These experiences increase young people’s confidence in their ability to identify problems and … Continue reading

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The Identification and Measurement of Innovative Characteristics of Young People

The Youth Innovation Skills Measurement Tool is an instrument to support the development of the skills and attitudes which young people require if they are to become the innovators of tomorrow. The Tool measures five generic skills that underpin innovative … Continue reading

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Immigrant Youth: Acculturation, Identity, and Adaptation

This paper reports some of the main findings from a large international study of the acculturation and adaptation of immigrant youth (aged 13 to 18 years) who are settled in 13 societies, as well as a sample of national youth. … Continue reading

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Early Childhood and Neuroscience – Links to Development and Learning

This volume dispels neuro-myths and gives insight into how to use neuroscience to understand and utilize the information gleaned to educate young children. Each chapter discusses a different topic that is intertwined with neuroscience and how it impacts young children. … Continue reading

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