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A Universidade onde o Fazer é o mais importante

Primeiro o fazer, depois o aprender. Essa é a base da cultura e da filosofia da universidade Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, em Massachusetts, nos Estados Unidos. Lá os estudantes primeiro praticam e testam ideias para depois terem aulas … Continue reading

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Developing an alternative epistemology of practice – Teachers’ action research as critical pedagogy

Engaging in action research pedagogy requires teaching not only about the subject matter but also encouraging ongoing individual and collective self-reflection, dissent, and community. This sort of pedagogy guides students toward discovering knowledge through their own engagement, setting an example … Continue reading

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A new change model – Factors for initiating and implementing personal action learning

This paper embraces new ways of thinking about learning, knowledge, action and change to suggest a personal action learning change model. A set of factors is described through which an individual can initiate and implement personal change from the inside … Continue reading

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Participatory Action and Learning – A Field Worker’s Guidebook

Read The Guidebook introduces Participatory Action and Learning (PAL) as a way of addressing a number of these issues by providing an approach for both Forest User Group (FUG) members and forestry field staff to learn together from the process. … Continue reading

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Currents of change: Exploring relationships between teaching, learning and development – Participatory and transformative education

“I think participatory education is about transforming people. And transformative education is the process in which we, first of all, challenge power relations in order to create a safe environment so that different voices can emerge and be heard—but we … Continue reading

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