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Encouraging Reflective and Critical Thinking – An Action Research exploration of Teaching and Learning

Using act, reflect, and revise cycles of action research, this study explores ways of encouraging students to think about their thinking, their reading strategies, and their comprehension of the text while reading. Sentence starters, questions, and discussions guide their thinking … Continue reading

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Action Research and Its History as an Adult Education Movement for Social Change

This article is an attempt to tell the story of action research as it has developed over the last half century. Action research has become an important part of a number of research programs, especially in the field of education. … Continue reading

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Developing an alternative epistemology of practice – Teachers’ action research as critical pedagogy

Engaging in action research pedagogy requires teaching not only about the subject matter but also encouraging ongoing individual and collective self-reflection, dissent, and community. This sort of pedagogy guides students toward discovering knowledge through their own engagement, setting an example … Continue reading

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Student Action Research: Reaping the Benefits for Students and School Leaders

Student action research projects have the potential to bring great benefits to students, their schools, and their communities. These projects have the unique capacity to motivate and empower youth to not only view their lives and their futures in different … Continue reading

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Living at the Border – between multiculturality, complexity and action research

The author looks into the phases of her personal experience in order to present the difficulties as well as the richness of ‘living at the border’ and of building bridges between different worlds. The prevailing Anglo-Saxon culture, above all in … Continue reading

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Action Research in Education

An interview with Dick Sagor, a pioneer in action research. Dick has been assisting schools, districts, and school improvement teams with their efforts to improve student performance, develop professional learning communities, and build capacity through the use of  “Collaborative Action Research.” … Continue reading

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Dialogical Action Research – About therapeutic listening, creating space for voices to emerge and to be heard

Read This research is an inquiry into the role of listening in therapy. The author was curious about the relation between a client’s feeling of being heard, a listening therapist and emerging new voices. She invited this client to collaborate … Continue reading

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Wittgenstein’s Philosophy and Action Research

Read In my brief contribution to this discussion, I want to suggest that an understanding of Wittgenstein’s later philosophy, and the recognition of its striking differences from any previous philosophical works, can make some important contributions to all the issues … Continue reading

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Handbook of educational action research

This handbook presents and critiques predominant and emergent traditions of Educational Action Research internationally. Now a prominent methodology, Educational Action Research is well suited to exploring, developing and sustaining change processes both in classrooms and whole organisations such as schools, … Continue reading

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Choice and Quality in Action Research Practice

Read This article explores the nature of quality in action research practice. The origins and purposes of action research and its relation to social science methodology are reviewed. Action research is described in terms of four characteristic dimensions—worthwhile practical purposes, … Continue reading

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