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Swarm-made Intelligent Architectures

The nests of social insects are not only impressive because of their sheer complexity but also because they are built from individuals whose work is not centrally coordinated. A key question is how groups of insects coordinate their building actions. Here, we use … Continue reading

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Biomimetics in Architectural Design

In a brief review of aspects of biology relevant to architectural design, a number of biological organisms are considered, delivering design ideas for the improvement of tree structures in the Sagrada Familia; better insulation (ideas from penguin feathers and birds’ … Continue reading

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The Autopoiesis of Architecture

This new autopoiesis approach offers architecture an arsenal of general comparative concepts. It allows architecture to be understood as a distinct discipline, which can be analyzed in elaborate detail while at the same time offering insightful comparisons with other subject … Continue reading

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El Barro, las manos, la casa

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A Low Impact Woodland Home

Read Read also: How I built my hobbit house for just £3,000 You are looking at pictures of a house I built for our family in Wales. It was built by myself and my father in law with help from … Continue reading

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Transdiciplinary Knowledge Production in Architecture and Urbanism: Towards Hybrid Modes of Inquiry

Read The volume addresses the hybridisation of knowledge production in space-related research. In contrast with interdisciplinary knowledge, which is primarily located in scholarly environments, transdisciplinary knowledge production entails a fusion of academic and non-academic knowledge, theory and practice, discipline and … Continue reading

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