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The Sociology of Art

The Sociology of Art considers all forms of the arts, whether visual arts, literature, film, theatre or music from Bach to the Beatles. The last book to be completed by Arnold Hauser before his death in 1978, it is a … Continue reading

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The Social Production of Art

A valuable introduction to the central issues in the sociology of the arts, this work draws on sociology, art history, feminism, and literary and media studies, to explain the social nature of the arts, their production, distribution, and reception. This … Continue reading

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Autopoiesis in Creativity and Art

The term autopoiesis, (meaning ‘self’) and ‘poiesis’ (meaning ‘creation, production’) defines a system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself. The term was introduced by the theoretical biologists, Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela, in 1972 to define the self-maintaining chemistry of … Continue reading

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Rethinking Education through Contemporary Art

This article is part of a broader investigation exploring how contemporary art allows us to think about the process that underpins our teaching and learning in order to change it. We are tutors in initial teacher education and we teach, learn and communicate … Continue reading

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Erich Fromm on the Art of Loving

“There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love.” “To love without knowing how to love wounds the person we love,” the great Zen teacher … Continue reading

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Escolas Experimentais abolem divisão por sala e usam Arte como Fio Condutor

A história das Escolas Experimentais, na Argentina, remonta a 1958, quando duas professoras universitárias decidiram abrir uma pequena escola baseada na avaliação de que era necessário estudar e implementar experiências alternativas de educação. Passados 58 anos de muita luta, existem … Continue reading

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Constructing Autopoiesis

This essay attempts to explain through an analysis of the limitations of the Lakoff, Johnson and Turner school of cognition and meaning-making, why exactly Arakawa and Gins’ analogical relations with the cognitive science of Maturana and Varela and the philosophy … Continue reading

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The Rhizomatic relations of A/r/tography

A/r/tography is a form of practice-based research steeped in the arts and education. Alongside other arts based, arts informed and aesthetically defined methodologies, a/r/tography is one of many emerging forms of inquiry that refer to the arts as a way … Continue reading

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