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Vygotsky and Creativity: A Cultural-historical Approach to Play, Meaning Making, and the Arts

This text presents a Vygotskian perspective on children’s and adults’ symbolic engagement in play, multi-modal meaning making, and the arts. Psychologists, artists, and educators present research and practice in a variety of learning environments through the lens of Vygotsky’s cultural … Continue reading

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Arte Contemporânea liberta a Criatividade dos Alunos

Alunos concentrados, pintando, acionando seu repertório interior para criar não o que veem, mas o que sentem. Quem acompanha as aulas vê uma demonstração do que o poeta Manoel de Barros disse: “Crianças em pleno uso da poesia funcionam sem … Continue reading

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Our Brains and Art

While most people know on some level that the arts can reach and move us in unique ways, there is actually science behind this. The arts can tap into issues that are otherwise out of reach and reach people in … Continue reading

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Where Poetry Meets City Planning: The French Art Of Urban Renewal

Last year a group of architects who call themselves YA+K opened a space on the edges of the special planning district that is meant to serve as an incubator.  Like them, an increasing number of artists are using the city … Continue reading

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Art and Activism in the Age of Globalization

Has subversion become outdated? Has political art become conformist under the guise of criticality? With the proliferation of committed or socially engaged art practices, currently featured and supported by notable public and private institutions, come many questions regarding its impact … Continue reading

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Creating Learning – A Korean Drummer’s Lifelong Quest to be the Best

Read In this article, the author interrogates how one famous Korean traditional drummer Mr. Myong-hwan Kim’s lifelong learning is affected by the sociocultural and historical context as it contributes to the construction of his life. This article analyzed an oral … Continue reading

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Learning, Arts and the Brain

In 2004, the Dana Arts and Cognition Consortium brought together cognitive neuroscientists from seven universities across the United States to grapple with the question of why arts training has been associated with higher academic performance. Is it simply that smart … Continue reading

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