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Why Bees could be the secret to Superhuman Intelligence

A tool inspired by swarming insects is helping people predict the future – making groups of people smarter than their members are by themselves. Louis Rosenberg thinks he has found a way to make us all a lot smarter. The secret … Continue reading

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Bees Solve Complex Problems Faster Than Supercomputers

In a new study, researchers report that bumblebees were able to figure out the most efficient routes among several computer-controlled “flowers,” quickly solving a complex problem that even stumps supercomputers. We already know bees are pretty good at facial recognition, … Continue reading

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The True Hive Mind – How Honeybee Colonies Think

We will see that the 1.5 kilograms of bees in a honeybee swarm, just like the 1.5 kilograms of neurons in a human brain, achieve their collective wisdom by organizing themselves in such a way that even though each individual … Continue reading

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