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Bruno Latour, a veteran of the ‘science wars’

French sociologist of science Bruno Latour, 70, has long been a thorn in the side of science. But in the age of “alternative facts,” he’s coming to its defense. Central to Latour’s work is the notion that facts are constructed … Continue reading

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The Whole is always Smaller than its Parts

Bruno Latour . In this paper we argue that the new availability of digital data sets allows one to revisit Gabriel Tarde‘s (1843–1904) social theory that entirely dispensed with using notions such as individual or society. Our argument is that … Continue reading

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On recalling Actor-network Theory

Bruno Latour . The paper explores one after the other the four difficulties of actor-network theory, that is the words ‘actor’, ‘network’ and ‘theory’—without forgetting the hyphen. It tries to refocus the originality of what is more a method to … Continue reading

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The Powers of Association

Bruno Latour. This article starts with a paradox: when an actor simply has power nothing happens and s/he is powerless; when, on the other hand, an actor exerts power it is others who perform the action. It appears that power … Continue reading

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Bruno Latour: Reassembling the Social – an Introduction to Actor-network Theory

Bruno Latour. The argument of this book can be stated very simply: when social scientists add the adjective ‘social’ to some phenomenon, they designate a stabilized state of affairs, a bundle of ties that, later, may be mobilized to account … Continue reading

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Bruno Latour: Visualisation and Cognition – Drawing Things Together

The aim of this paper is to pursue two lines of argument at once. To say it in yet other words, we do not find all explanations in terms of inscription equally convincing, but only those that help us to … Continue reading

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Distributed Cognition – Where the Cognitive and the Social Merge

Among the many contested boundaries in science studies is that between the cognitive and the social. Here, we are concerned to question this boundary from a perspective within the cognitive sciences based on the notion of distributed cognition. We first … Continue reading

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