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Aftermath of a Crisis

The Aftermath Project provides a social and cultural analysis of the crisis, to add to the prevailing economic and financial arguments. It develops the idea that the crisis was the result of the same sources that led to the rise … Continue reading

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Aftermath: The Cultures of the Economic Crisis

The crisis of global capitalism that has unfolded since 2008 is more than an economic crisis. It is structural and multidimensional. The sequence of events that have taken place in its aftermath show that we are entering a world that … Continue reading

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Connected? On Experience, Economy, Violence, and Care

This article aims to enhance a dialogue between new ethnographic writing on experience and political economic analysis. It examines the ways in which recent experimental ethnographies and Manuel Castells’s work on information society understand the double-sided, always caring and violent … Continue reading

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The Network Society: A Cross Cultural Perspective

This volume explores the patterns and dynamics of the network society in its cultural and institutional diversity. By network society, we refer to the social structure that results from the interaction between social organization, social change, and a technological paradigm … Continue reading

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The Interaction between Information and Communication Technologies and the Network Society – a process of historical change

Read Societies evolve and are transformed through a complex interaction of cultural, economic, political, and technological factors. In any given society, the available range of technological processes becomes organised into technological paradigms around a nucleus that enhances the performance of … Continue reading

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Communication Power and Counter power in the Network Society

This article presents a set of grounded hypotheses on the interplay between communication and power relationships in the technological context that characterizes the network society. Based on a selected body of communication literature, and of a number of case studies … Continue reading

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Toward a Sociology of the Network Society

Read The  twenty-first century of the Common Era did not  necessarily  have  to usher  in  a new  society. But  it  did.  People  around  the  world  feel  the winds  of  multidimensional  social  change without  truly  understanding  it,  let  alone  feeling  a … Continue reading

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Globalization, the Knowledge Society, and the Network State: Poulantzas at the millennium

In State, Power, Socialism, Nicos Poulantzas conceptualized a state that materializes and concentrates power and displaces the class struggle from the economic to the political arena. In the past twenty years, much has changed. We argue that economic relations have … Continue reading

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