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Achieving transformational change

Realizing the Sustainable Development Goals presents probably the most audacious human organizing challenge ever. Their number, global scale, range of issues, timeline, and the number of actors involved is surely unparalleled. They require transformational change. But what is transformational change? … Continue reading

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Resisting change: understanding obstacles to social progress

In this shortened excerpt from How Change Happens, Duncan Green, Oxfam Great Britain’s Senior Strategic Adviser, discusses the complexities behind social activism and breaks down the underlying factors that fuel the resistance to change. Systems, whether in thought, politics, or … Continue reading

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A new Framework for assessing Systemic Change

Complex social systems are unpredictable on the level of the individual actor. They are, however, somewhat stable and predictable on the level of their emerging structure. Hence, systemic change can be defined as transformations in the structure of a system. … Continue reading

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The Complexity of Wicked Problems in Large Scale Change

This paper 1) elaborates the framework of organizational change to extend the traditional boundaries of organizational change to include large system change (LSC) requiring multi-sector interventions; 2) integrates, synthesizes, and describes different dimensions of complex adaptive systems (CAS) and wicked … Continue reading

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Recipes for Systemic Change

The last few years have brought growing worldwide interest in applying design methods and design thinking to social and public policy challenges. At their best these methods catalyse people to see issues and possibilities in a fresh way. They spark … Continue reading

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Dynamics of Change in Multi-ethnic Societies

Many of us live in large cities of the modern world, which in general are heterogeneous multi-ethnic societies. Immigrants come to these settlements looking for better living conditions and for work opportunities. Immigrants also tend to stay close to their … Continue reading

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Social Innovation Lab Guide

The Social Innovation Lab emphasizes not only imagining high potential interventions but also gaining system sight, redefining problems, and identifying opportunities in the broader context with the potential to tip systems in positive directions. It is a three-step process of … Continue reading

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The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents

Change is hard, especially in a large organization. Numerous studies have shown that employees tend instinctively to oppose change initiatives because they disrupt established power structures and ways of getting things done. However, some leaders do succeed—often spectacularly—at transforming their … Continue reading

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Economic Crisis and Human Values

The theory of modernization and cultural change suggests that socio-economic conditions are correlated with the values prevalent in the population. In the process of socio-economic development, human values change from survival values to self-expression values that result in greater civil … Continue reading

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From a Change Program to a Change Platform

…  continuous improvement requires the creation of change platforms, rather than change programs ordained and implemented from the top. Management literature is rich with case studies of bottom-up, spontaneous change and of innovations sparked by the efforts of frontline activists. … Continue reading

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