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Actions by Collectives

We commonly attribute actions to collectives. Thus, we use locutions like ‘Firm F produced the goods G’, ‘Nation N, attacked nation N2’, ‘The board dismissed Jones’, ‘The team scored’, and so on. On the basis of examples like these it seems to be … Continue reading

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Rethinking the Link Between Structure and Collective Action. Capitalism, Politics, and the Theory of Social Movements

Social movement scholars have rarely paid attention to the transformations of capitalism as factors of social movement formation processes. This paper makes two different but complementary contributions. First, we provide a macro-social theory that connects the emergence of social movements … Continue reading

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From Individual to Collective Intentionality

Book – Many of the things we do, we do together with other people. Think of carpooling and playing tennis. In the past two or three decades, it has become increasingly popular to analyze such collective actions in terms of … Continue reading

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Collective Response of Human Populations to Large- Scale Emergencies

Despite recent advances in uncovering the quantitative features of stationary human activity patterns, many applications, from pandemic prediction to emergency response, require an understanding of how these patterns change when the population encounters unfamiliar conditions. To explore societal response to … Continue reading

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On the Sensitivity of Collective Action to Uncertainty about Climate Tipping Points

Previous research shows that collective action to avoid a catastrophic threshold, such as a climate “tipping point,” is unaffected by uncertainty about the impact of crossing the threshold but that collective action collapses if the location of the threshold is … Continue reading

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Communication and Collective Action: Language and the Evolution of Human Cooperation

All social species face various “collective action problems” or “social dilemmas,” meaning problems in achieving cooperating when the best move from a selfish point of view yields an inferior collective outcome. Compared to most other species, humans are very good … Continue reading

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How does it Feel to Act Together?

This paper on the phenomenology of joint agency proposes a foray into a little-explored territory at the intersection of two very active domains of research: joint action and sense of agency. I explore two ways in which our experience of … Continue reading

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Handbook of Social Movements Across Disciplines

Book – Researchers and students from divergent academic disciplines share an interest in the study of social movements and collective action. Through a variety of disciplinary approaches and techniques, researchers seek to understand the emergence and development of collective action. … Continue reading

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Critical Mass, Social Networks and Collective Action

This article explores the role of ‘critical mass’ and social networks in the generation of collective action. Drawing on qualitative and quantitative (social network) data, the article argues that both are pivotal in the process whereby collective action takes shape. … Continue reading

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