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Compassion Satisfaction Among Social Work Practitioners

Previous research has established that social work practitioners are especially vulnerable to work-related psychological distress and burnout due to the high-stress nature of the profession, yet less research has focused on examining factors are associated with social worker retention. Emerging … Continue reading

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Compassion meditation enhances empathic accuracy and related neural activity

The ability to accurately infer others’ mental states from facial expressions is important for optimal social functioning and is fundamentally impaired in social cognitive disorders such as autism. While pharmacologic interventions have shown promise for enhancing empathic accuracy, little is … Continue reading

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The Healing Power of Empathy and Compassion

Can the empathy and compassion of doctors and health care professionals actually improve health outcomes for their patients? This is one of many questions that drives David Rakel, a medical doctor, researcher and longtime friend of the Center for Healthy … Continue reading

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The Shock Value of Compassion

I’ll just go ahead and say it – there is a stunning, literally jaw-dropping, lack of compassion in much of today’s mainstream culture. I first became aware of this while watching a blissful documentary called “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” … Continue reading

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The science of being “nice”

Recent research suggests that our tendency to be “nice” can be separated into two related but distinct personality traits: politeness and compassion. We see these differences play out in social decision making, where politeness is linked to being fair and compassion … Continue reading

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Compassionate Systems

To bridge that disconnect I’m trying to champion systems thinking in schools as a new curriculum (an old project of my friend Peter Senge at MIT). One of the school systems that’s been interested in this is IB, the International … Continue reading

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Living with an Open Heart creates Hope

“… really deep, lasting happiness is about connecting with people: being kind to people and being of service to people.” … there is an ever-growing body of science showing that you’re both happier and healthier when you practice generosity and … Continue reading

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