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Imaging Social Motivation: Distinct Brain Mechanisms Drive Effort Production during Collaboration versus Competition

Collaborative and competitive interactions have been investigated extensively so as to understand how the brain makes choices in the context of strategic games, yet such interactions are known to influence a more basic dimension of behavior: the energy invested in … Continue reading

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Competition: A Critical History of a Concept

This article expands Michel Foucault’s genealogy of liberalism and neoliberalism by analyzing the concept of competition. It addresses four key liberal conceptions of competition in turn: the idea of competition as a destructive but progressive and thus necessary force (roughly … Continue reading

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Organizing in the Age of Competition, Cooperation, and Collaboration

The purpose of this article is to describe how organizations have evolved across three periods of modern economic history. These periods can be called the age of competition, age of cooperation, and age of collaboration. The major organizational forms that … Continue reading

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