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Social Physics: Uncovering Human Behaviour from Communication

In the post year 2000 era the technologies that facilitate human communication have rapidly multiplied. While the adoption of these technologies has hugely impacted the behaviour and sociality of people, specifically in urban but also in rural environments, their “digital … Continue reading

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Micro-Macro Analysis of Complex Networks

Complex systems have attracted considerable interest because of their wide range of applications, and are often studied via a “classic” approach: study a specific system, find a complex network behind it, and analyze the corresponding properties. This simple methodology has … Continue reading

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Characterizing the Community Structure of Complex Networks

Community structure is one of the key properties of complex networks and plays a crucial role in their topology and function. While an impressive amount of work has been done on the issue of community detection, very little attention has … Continue reading

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Hierarchical Organization in Complex Networks

Many real networks in nature and society share two generic properties: they are scale-free and they display a high degree of clustering. We show that these two features are the consequence of a hierarchical organization, implying that small groups of … Continue reading

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Hierarchy Measure for Complex Networks

Nature, technology and society are full of complexity arising from the intricate web of the interactions among the units of the related systems (e.g., proteins, computers, people). Consequently, one of the most successful recent approaches to capturing the fundamental features … Continue reading

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On the Origins of Hierarchy in Complex Networks

Hierarchy seems to pervade complexity in both living and artificial systems. Despite its relevance, no general theory that captures all features of hierarchy and its origins has been proposed yet. Here we present a formal approach resulting from the convergence … Continue reading

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The Architecture of Complexity – from Network Structure to Human Dynamics

The purpose of this article is to illustrate, through the example of human dynamics, that a thorough understanding of complex systems requires an understanding of network dynamics as well as network topology and architecture. After an overview of the topology … Continue reading

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Time-Dependent Complex Networks

We develop a new approach to the study of  the dynamics of link utilization in complex networks using data of empirical social networks. Counter to the perspective that nodes have particular roles, we find roles change dramatically from day to … Continue reading

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Exploring Statistical and Population Aspects of Network Complexity

The characterization and the definition of the complexity of objects is an important but very difficult problem that attracted much interest in many different fields. In this paper we introduce a new measure, called network diversity score (NDS), which allows … Continue reading

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Complex Networks from Simple Rewrite Systems

Complex networks are all around us, and they can be generated by simple mechanisms. Understanding what kinds of networks can be produced by following simple rules is therefore of great importance. We investigate this issue by studying the dynamics of … Continue reading

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