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Complex problem solving and complex cognition

Complex problem solving (CPS) emerged in the last 30 years in Europe as a new part of the psychology of thinking and problem-solving. This paper introduces into the field and provides a personal view. Also, related concepts like macrocognition or operative intelligence will be explained … Continue reading

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Disciplining Interdisciplinarity: Sciences for Researching Complex Real-World Problems

This book provides collaborative research teams with a systematic approach for addressing complex real-world problems like widespread poverty, global climate change, organised crime, and escalating health care costs. The three core domains are: Synthesising disciplinary and stakeholder knowledge, Understanding and … Continue reading

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Bees Solve Complex Problems Faster Than Supercomputers

In a new study, researchers report that bumblebees were able to figure out the most efficient routes among several computer-controlled “flowers,” quickly solving a complex problem that even stumps supercomputers. We already know bees are pretty good at facial recognition, … Continue reading

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