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Political conservatism as motivated social cognition

Analyzing political conservatism as motivated social cognition integrates theories of personality (authoritarianism, dogmatism-intolerance of ambiguity), epistemic and existential needs (for closure, regulatory focus, terror management), and ideological rationalization (social dominance, system justification). A meta-analysis (88 samples, 12 countries, 22,818 cases) confirms that several … Continue reading

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Scientist: There is a ‘conservative syndrome’ that exists across countries

In a new review article summarizing several cross-cultural studies, an Australian scientist argues that there is a cluster of psychological traits and attitudes that can be defined as a “conservative syndrome.” “I was not interested in this particular topic when … Continue reading

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Inducing anger increases economic conservatism

People are more likely to endorse economically conservative ideals when they’re angry, according to new psychology research. “As a Canadian living in the United States, I was fascinated by the level of anger being exhibited both before and after the … Continue reading

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