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Modest Sociality, Minimal Cooperation and Natural Intersubjectivity

What is the relation between small-scale collaborative plans and the execution of those plans within interactive contexts? I argue here that joint attention has a key role in explaining how shared plans and shared intentions are executed in interactive contexts. … Continue reading

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Let’s Dance Together: Synchrony, Shared Intentionality and Cooperation

Previous research has shown that the matching of rhythmic behaviour between individuals (synchrony) increases cooperation. Such synchrony is most noticeable in music, dance and collective rituals. As well as the matching of behaviour, such collective performances typically involve shared intentionality: … Continue reading

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The language of cooperation: shared intentionality and group membership

While we know that the degree to which humans are able to cooperate is unrivalled by other species, the variation humans actually display in their cooperative behaviour has yet to be fully explained. This may be because research based on … Continue reading

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Social play as joint action: A framework to study the evolution of shared intentionality as an interactional achievement

Social play has a complex, cooperative nature that requires substantial coordination. This has led researchers to use social games to study cognitive abilities like shared intentionality, the skill, and motivation to share goals and intentions with others during joint action. … Continue reading

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Cooperation: A Philosophical Study

n Cooperation, A Philosophical Study, Tuomela offers the first comprehensive philosophical theory of cooperation. He builds on such notions collective and joint goals, mutual beliefs, collective commitments, acting together and acting collectively. The book analyzes the varieties of cooperation, making … Continue reading

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Cooperation and trust in group context

This paper is mainly about cooperation as a collective action in a group context (acting in a position or participating in the performance of a group task, etc.), although the assumption of the presence of a group context is not … Continue reading

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The Roots of Reciprocity: Gratitude and Reputation in Generalized Exchange Systems

Social scientists often study the flow of material and social support as generalized exchange systems. These systems are associated with an array of benefits to groups and communities, but their existence is problematic, because individuals may be motivated to take … Continue reading

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Is It Good to Cooperate? Testing the Theory of Morality-as-Cooperation

What is morality? And to what extent does it vary around the world? The theory of “morality-as-cooperation” argues that morality consists of a collection of biological and cultural solutions to the problems of cooperation recurrent in human social life. Morality-as-cooperation draws on … Continue reading

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Dynamic effects of enforcement on cooperation

In situations where social payoffs are not aligned with private incentives, enforcement with fines can be a way to sustain cooperation. In this paper, we show, by the means of a laboratory experiment, that past fines can have an effect … Continue reading

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On Cooperative Behavior in Distributed Teams

The Influence of Organizational Design, Media Richness, Social Interaction, and Interaction Adaptation. Self-interest vs. cooperation is a fundamental dilemma in animal behavior as well as in human and organizational behavior. In organizations, how to get people to cooperate despite or … Continue reading

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