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A pandemic of boredom

It was just the two of them: on a raft, lost, floating off the coast of Africa—the lone survivors of a shipwreck. Years before, struck with stupendous boredom, Hymie Basteshaw decided to become boredom’s master. He read what others wrote … Continue reading

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Pandemic practicalities and how to help teenagers manage time at home

IIt’s May and many of us have fond memories of springtime when we were in high school. There was some stress from exams and final papers to be sure, but also more outdoor activities, sports, banquets or awards assemblies, proms, … Continue reading

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COVID-19: Guía de antídotos éticos para sacar al planeta de la UCI

La pandemia provocada por el SARS-CoV 2 ha pillado al “sistema inmune social” en una situación de enorme debilidad. A ese sistema han contribuido importantes procesos de transformación hacia la “sociedad del bienestar” tras las catástrofes de las dos guerras … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Is like an X-ray of Society

The disease’s unequal impacts on different segments of the population are illuminating long-standing structural injustices. In many ways, coronavirus has functioned like an x-ray. With the flip of a switch, it has stripped us of our skin and revealed our … Continue reading

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L’éducation – Resources et Idées pour la Reprise

Devant l’absence d’outils concrets et adaptés dans les accompagnements proposés par le ministère, nous réunissons ici les ressources partagées par les collègues sur la toile. Ce billet sera complété et adapté au fil des jours… Lire   RESSOURCES ET IDÉES … Continue reading

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Children suffer most from being locked down

During the coronavirus crisis, children have been seen as potential virus carriers or obstacles to parents working from home, but some little ones will suffer the most during this time. “The abrupt closure of facilities and the lack of contact … Continue reading

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On democracy, surveillance and our future after Corona

A crisis can be a turning point for society. Which way will we go now? Professor Yuval Noah Harari, whose company donated $1 million to WHO,  following the US president’s decision to hold back funding. explains how the decisions we … Continue reading

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Solidarity: How the coronavirus makes us more willing to help

SARS-CoV-2 triggers fear and selfish behavior. But solidarity, helpfulness and empathy are also side effects of crises. And there are many good reasons for that. In the crisis caused by the coronavirus, another human characteristic is also evident: helpfulness. Whether … Continue reading

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What Will Our New Normal Feel Like?

Fear of others may linger long after the pandemic is over. But so may a new sense of community. For all the attention to the science and politics of the coronavirus, another factor may be just as important in shaping life … Continue reading

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Weapons don’t fight pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic shows that we’ve got our security priorities wrong. Virus outbreaks, after all, cannot be contained by military force. Time for a security rethink. Nations have failed to recognize the biggest threats to our safety: pandemics, climate change … Continue reading

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