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Cultural Political Economy and Critical Policy Studies

This article introduces cultural political economy as a distinctive approach in the social sciences, including policy studies. The version presented here combines critical semiotic analysis and critical political economy. It grounds its approach to both in the practical necessities of … Continue reading

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Aftermath of a Crisis

The Aftermath Project provides a social and cultural analysis of the crisis, to add to the prevailing economic and financial arguments. It develops the idea that the crisis was the result of the same sources that led to the rise … Continue reading

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Crisis in the Eurozone

A controversial call to break up the Eurozone and stop the debt crisis. First, there was the credit crunch, and governments around the world stepped in to bail out the banks. The sequel to that debacle is the sovereign debt … Continue reading

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Are We Entering an Era of Concatenated Global Crises?

An increase in the frequency and intensity of environmental crises associated with accelerating human-induced global change is of substantial concern to policy makers. The potential impacts, especially on the poor, are exacerbated in an increasingly connected world that enables the … Continue reading

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Crisis Responses and Management – Learning from Biological Networks

The generality of network properties allows the utilization of the ‘wisdom’ of biological systems surviving crisis events for many millions of years. Yeast protein-protein interaction network shows a decrease in community-overlap (an increase in community cohesion) in stress. Community rearrangement … Continue reading

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La fin des sociétés

Dans son dernier ouvrage « La fin des sociétés », la réflexion d’Alain Touraine prend comme point de départ la crise économique qui secoue le monde depuis désormais cinq ans. Dans ce cadre économique morose, les institutions, famille, école, entreprise, … Continue reading

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The Crisis and a Way Forward: What We Can Learn from Occupy Wall Street

The financial crisis of 2007 has generated ubiquitous commentary; it also spurred a global grassroots uprising that began with Occupy Wall Street. This movement provided a unique analysis of the crisis as well as a practical example of a way … Continue reading

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¿Enfermos de incertidumbre? Las enfermedades psicológicas de la crisis

Con la llegada de la crisis asistimos a un escenario de pánico social que fue calando gota a gota en todos los estratos poblacionales, despertando el miedo más primigenio de la especie humana: la incertidumbre, el miedo a lo desconocido, … Continue reading

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Aftermath: The Cultures of the Economic Crisis

The crisis of global capitalism that has unfolded since 2008 is more than an economic crisis. It is structural and multidimensional. The sequence of events that have taken place in its aftermath show that we are entering a world that … Continue reading

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Beyond the vote: the crisis of representative democracy

Voting is meaningless when representatives are powerless in the face of greater forces. For democracy to work, we first of all need to wake up to reality. There is something profoundly wrong with our political system. As the global capitalist … Continue reading

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