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Freireian Pedagogy, Praxis, and Possibilities

Within Freire’s system of pedagogy, an individual’s ontological vocation is to be a subject who acts upon, and transforms, the world in order to become more fully human. This praxis, reflection and action, moves the individual towards ever new possibilities … Continue reading

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Beyond the Neoliberal Imaginary – Investigating the Role of Critical Pedagogy in Higher Education

This thesis uses the qualitative case study approach to investigate the lived experience of three faculty members in higher education who identify themselves as critical pedagogues during an era of neoliberal restructuring. This research explores what the possibilities are  for enacting critical pedagogies … Continue reading

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Transformative Pedagogy for Democracy and Social Justice

The authors propose a theoretical model of engaged learning for democracy and justice that draws from multicultural education and critical pedagogy, Freireian dialogic education, and Kolb’s active, experiential learning. Engaged learning is defined as applying concepts and ideas from the … Continue reading

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New Schools, New Knowledge, New Teachers: Creating the Citizen School

Conservative modernization is the result of a tense and sometimes contradictory blend of four kinds of reforms in teacher education and in educational policy and practice in general — neoliberal market-based reforms, neo-conservative reforms involving strong central cultural authority, authoritarian … Continue reading

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Can Schooling contribute to a more Just Society?

This article combines discussions of the politics of education with personal storytelling to remind us why the continuing struggle over schooling – over what is and is not taught, over how it is taught and evaluated, over how students with … Continue reading

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Developing an alternative epistemology of practice – Teachers’ action research as critical pedagogy

Engaging in action research pedagogy requires teaching not only about the subject matter but also encouraging ongoing individual and collective self-reflection, dissent, and community. This sort of pedagogy guides students toward discovering knowledge through their own engagement, setting an example … Continue reading

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Paulo Freire’s challenge to anthropology – Create a Pedagogy of the Oppressed for your times

Paulo Freire was a revolutionary educator. He founded an educational movement based on conducting an ethnographic evaluation of a community to identify the generative themes (or ‘‘dangerous words’’) which matter profoundly to people and which, for just this reason, contain … Continue reading

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Action Research Meets Critical Pedagogy – Theory, Practice, and Reflection

This article describes and critically examines the collaborative research process between an urban university’s research center and its community partners. The authors link the theoretical framework of collaborative research, participatory action research, and critical pedagogy to their personal experiences involving … Continue reading

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Sustainable tourism pedagogy and academic-community collaboration: A progressive service-learning approach

This article proposes a progressive, experiential and collaborative approach to sustainable tourism pedagogy (STP). Six core STP literacies (technical, analytical, ecological, multi-cultural, ethical, policy and political) are identified, which guide skill and knowledge development for the sustainability practitioner . These … Continue reading

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The Best of Both Worlds – A Critical Pedagogy of Place

Taking the position that “critical pedagogy” and “place-based education” are mutually supportive educational traditions, this author argues for a conscious synthesis that blends the two discourses into a critical pedagogy of place. An analysis of critical pedagogy is presented that … Continue reading

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