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Tracking Homo Oeconomicus – Development of the Neoliberal Beliefs Inventory

Researchers across the social sciences are beginning to note that neoliberalism’s influence is no longer restricted to macroeconomic and social policies, but can now be detected in individuals’ behaviors, relationships, perceptions, and self-concept. However, psychologists lack a means of assessing … Continue reading

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The Story of Sociality: Psychology in Society

Asserting that some phenomenon exists in society is so banal that it warrants not being taken notice of. And yet Psychology in society, all those 30 years ago now, asserted precisely that psychology was in society. Well, where else could … Continue reading

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The Social Psychology of Citizenship: Studies and Future Research

In this article, we review the argument outlined in the opening article in this special thematic section: that the current social psychology of citizenship can be understood as the development of longstanding conceptualizations of the concept within the discipline. These … Continue reading

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The Social Psychology of Citizenship, Participation and Social Exclusion

From the accumulated research on citizenship in social psychology outlined above, we know that articulating a voice within a broader community requires some form of ontological claim: a sense of who we are; our entitlement to speak; and why we … Continue reading

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Political Psychology: Critical Approaches to Power

Critical aspects of political psychology should be rich territory for a critical study. Politics, government, and citizenship are aspects of work that usually develop debates and critical analysis, but academic political psychology is, so far, very cautious or not much … Continue reading

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Humanistic Psychology: a Critical Counter Culture

There is an argument that humanistic psychology is the original critical psychology. It was founded in response to and as a critique of the first two dominant forces of psychoanalysis and behaviorism, hence its moniker ‘third force psychology’; it questions … Continue reading

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Community Psychology: Subjectivity, Power, Collectivity

For us, the dominant, ubiquitous, mainstream version of community psychology discussed, which is widely claimed by its proselytizers to promote wellness; liberate; promote social justice; and to ‘empower’, is actually, as Seedat et al. assert, characterized by ‘discriminatory approaches’, ‘hegemonic … Continue reading

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Cognitive Psychology – from the Bourgeois Individual to Class Struggle

At their best, radical critiques of cognitive psychology call into question the atomistic, mechanistic, and representational foundations of modern epistemology. Despite some notable exceptions, critics of cognitive psychology have rarely ventured into the domain of political economy. Indeed, the overwhelming … Continue reading

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Psychology in Social Context

Recent years have seen an increasing recognition of issues with psychology, and growth in critical approaches to the discipline. However, existing texts in critical psychology are rather advanced for most readers. This book provides an accessible introduction to ideas in … Continue reading

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