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Rethinking Children’s Participation in Curriculum Making: A Rhizomatic Movement

Today, freedom of expression is viewed as both a right and a universal value. In the early childhood field, respecting children’s views is seen as important for children to develop a sense of worth, make responsible decisions, and become active citizens. Children are … Continue reading

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Strengthening Educational Capacity through Context-Relevant Curriculum Design and Evaluation

There is an acute shortage of health-care workers in Sudan. The Academy of Health Sciences was created to prepare health-care professionals in order to restore and ultimately maintain the requisite skills-mix. This necessitates transformative education using a context-relevant curriculum. A … Continue reading

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Complexity and the Culture of Curriculum

This paper has two main foci: (1) the history of curriculum design, and (2) implications for the new sciences of chaos and complexity for the development of new forms of curriculum design and teaching implementation. Regarding the first focus, the paper posits … Continue reading

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Addressing Intolerance and Extremism through Universal Values in Curricula

Underlying intolerance is the tendency to reject others’ values and/or to impose values on one another. This tendency persists in spite of growing dialogue on diversity, gender equality, the global equity imperative, and the increasing ease of real and virtual communication in the 21st century. … Continue reading

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Curriculum Studies Based on Complexity Science

Complexity science is in the forefront of contemporary scientific development; its rise and development triggered the breakthrough and innovation of methodology in scientific research. Curriculum is a complex adaptive system. Complexity curriculum research also includes nonlinearity, uncertainty, self-organization and emergent … Continue reading

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Bulgarian school puts chess on the curriculum

A high school in Bulgaria has become the first in Europe to introduce chess as a compulsory subject for all its students. Those behind the project want the idea to be extended across the continent. In a classroom on the … Continue reading

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Causal Layered Pedagogy – Rethinking Curricula Practice

This paper suggests that CLA functions as a method of the between. It is able to do this because it is a hinge concept that allows for structure to be unpacked via method, and also rethought and engaged via a … Continue reading

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