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Collective action and anonymity – innovation in the data economy

Data is different from other assets like gold and oil in that almost all of us, as individuals, generate it. Giving us more control over our own data will stimulate innovation, but realising the full potential will also involve collective … Continue reading

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Data-Driven Policy Making: The Policy Lab Approach

Societal challenges such as migration, poverty, and climate change can be considered ‘wicked problems’ for which no optimal solution exists. To address such problems, public administrations increasingly aim for data-driven policy making. Data-driven policy making aims to make optimal use … Continue reading

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How to Do Social Science Without Data

With the death last month of the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman at age 91, the intellectual world lost a thinker of rare insight and range. Because his style of work was radically different from that of most social scientists in the … Continue reading

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Algorithms aren’t enough: why the Human Perspective is essential to Big Data

What if the scientific method were no longer necessary? A bold statement, but one that Wired’s Chris Anderson posits in his 2008 article, extolling the virtues of “Big Data.” Looping back to Anderson’s original premise on the ascendency of Big … Continue reading

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The Heterogeneous Dynamics of Economic Complexity

What will be the growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or the competitiveness of China, United States, and Vietnam in the next 3, 5 or 10 years? Despite this kind of questions has a large societal impact and an … Continue reading

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The Evidence Hub: Harnessing the Collective Intelligence of Communities to Build Evidence-Based Knowledge

Conventional document and discussion websites provide users with no help in assessing the quality or quantity of evidence behind any given idea. Besides, the very meaning of what evidence is may not be unequivocally defined within a community, and may … Continue reading

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Social Networks, Functional Differentiation of Society, and Data Protection

Most scholars, politicians, and activists are following individualistic theories of privacy and data protection. In contrast, some of the pioneers of the data protection legislation in Germany like Adalbert Podlech, Paul J. M\”uller, and Ulrich Dammann used a systems theory … Continue reading

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