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The Social Ontology of Democracy

This paper offers an account of the social foundations of a theory of democracy. It purports to show that a social ontology of democracy is the necessary counterpart of a political theory of democracy. It notably contends that decisions concerning … Continue reading

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Pierre Bourdieu – Sociología y Democracia

Tengo la convicción, como todo investigador, que la sociología puede contribuir a una acción política realmente democrática, a un gobierno de todos los ciudadanos capaz de asegurar la felicidad de todos los ciudadanos. Esta convicción, quisiera tratar de compartirla, – … Continue reading

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Democratic Reason: Politics, Collective Intelligence, and the Rule of the Many

Individual decision making can often be wrong due to misinformation, impulses, or biases. Collective decision making, on the other hand, can be surprisingly accurate. In Democratic Reason, Hélène Landemore demonstrates that the very factors behind the superiority of collective decision … Continue reading

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Designing Digital Democracy: a short Guide

I’ve written quite a few blogs and pieces on digital technology and democracy – most recently on the relevance of new-style political parties. Here I look at the practical question of how parliaments, assemblies and governments should choose the right … Continue reading

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Why Technology Hasn’t Delivered More Democracy

The current moment confronts us with a paradox. The first fifteen years of this century have been a time of astonishing advances in communications and information technology, including digitalization, mass-accessible video platforms, smart phones, social media, billions of people gaining … Continue reading

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They Can’t Represent Us!: Reinventing Democracy from Greece to Occupy

How the new global movements are putting forward a radical conception of democracy. Mass protest movements in disparate places such as Greece, Argentina, and the United States ultimately share an agenda—to raise the question of what democracy should mean. These … Continue reading

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Transformative Pedagogy for Democracy and Social Justice

The authors propose a theoretical model of engaged learning for democracy and justice that draws from multicultural education and critical pedagogy, Freireian dialogic education, and Kolb’s active, experiential learning. Engaged learning is defined as applying concepts and ideas from the … Continue reading

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Can Schooling contribute to a more Just Society?

This article combines discussions of the politics of education with personal storytelling to remind us why the continuing struggle over schooling – over what is and is not taught, over how it is taught and evaluated, over how students with … Continue reading

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Youth Activists, Youth Councils, and Constrained Democracy

This article provides a critical examination of a common form of adult attempts to promote civic engagement among young people, namely, youth advisory councils. While youth councils have been widely celebrated as an effective way to integrate young people into … Continue reading

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Polis and Revolution: Responding to Oligarchy in Classical Athens

During the turbulent last years of the fifth century BC, Athens twice suffered the overthrow of democracy and the subsequent establishment of oligarchic regimes. In an in-depth treatment of both political revolutions, Julia Shear examines how the Athenians responded to … Continue reading

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